Jess, Byron, Mackenzie, and River have hit the open road. You can follow all their adventures right here.

Jess has been a farmer for the past 5 years, raising pigs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, ducks, goats, and more. She was owner/operator of Green Duchess Farm. Now she consults for other farmers, helping them to start their own farm business or run more efficiently. She has been a lifelong equestrian and outdoors enthusiast. This native of New Jersey has pined for riding in the wide open West since she was a tot on a pony.

Byron is an avid rock climber and app developer. He developed the Gunks+ app, and will continue adding guidebooks for new crags during his travels. He also ran the Jersey Rock Climbers meetup group for years, helping welcome newcomers to the sport.

Together, Byron and Jess developed VeggieTables, an app for farmers to manage their enterprise and keep better records for organic certification.

Mackenzie is a 14-year-old Cleveland Bay mare who stands 15 hands 3 inches tall. She has been training for endurance trail rides, and is excited to see new parts of the USA.

River is a 9-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She joined our family during our stay in Arizona. River grew up trail riding in the Phoenix area and is a wonderful partner for Byron.