The purpose of this blog is to keep our friends and family informed about our travels and adventures. Jess and I are preparing to leave New Jersey and travel around North America enjoying life. Sometimes we will live in our 28 foot travel trailer (Rubble) on horse campgrounds, sometimes we will camp out, and sometimes we will crash with friends. Our destinations depend on proximity to horse riding trails, rock climbing cliffs, and other points of interest.

Along with updates on our location and activities, we will publish information about our planning and logistics to help others learn from our experience. If this lifestyle is for you, hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes we do.

Lastly, we wish to make new friends along the way. If you don’t know us yet, please reach out.

One thought on “Introduction

  1. Few people have the ability and nerve to embark on what should be an awsome experience. Enjoy your travels and time together and be safe.
    We wish you much happiness in your adventures. Tom and Marcella…….

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