The single (horse) life

Mackenzie is adjusting to living alone since her buddy, Doc, moved. She was upset for the first two days, then settled down. Now, a week after the separation, she is pretty chill. She only gets upset when she hears the horse trailer doors being opened. She seems to think Doc is hiding in the trailer and will pop out if she calls to him loudly enough. Poor girl.

I try to spend extra time with her every day. It’s been difficult because I’m so busy clearing out all of our equipment and shutting down my business. I usually groom her while she eats breakfast. Around mid-afternoon, I’ll take her out for hand-grazing on the lawn. If it’s really hot (like it has been most days) I’ll give her a bath with dilute liniment or rubbing alcohol to help cool off.

We met up with friends at a local hunter pace over the weekend. Mackenzie seemed to enjoy the experience. Although, we had a bit of a bobble in the beginning when her friends got too far ahead of us on the trail and she thought she was being left.

I expected her to not want to load on the trailer to come home from the pace but her stomach won out. After refusing a few times, she responded to the lure of a rattling feed can and walked right on the trailer.

She traveled well, both to and from the event. There was no kicking or pawing which she usually does when she’s anxious. It was only a short, thirty minute trip but I hope that her improved behavior is a sign that she is more comfortable leaving the farm. Perhaps she realizes that getting in the trailer means that we are going to socialize and have fun.

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