Rain, Rain, Go Away

“The nicest thing about the rain is that it always stops. Eventually.” -Eeyore

We are all getting a bit bored and stir-crazy with the rain keeping us more or less, indoors all week. We humans have lots of things to occupy our time. However, I feel bad for Mackenzie since she is alone in camp now. She doesn’t have much in the way of stimulation since it’s so quiet around here. I try to do stuff with her as much as I can.

We went for a couple quick rides in between downpours. Once to the overlook with Byron hiking alongside and once for a quick out and back on the local dirt roads. I’m trying to get us in shape for an endurance ride in a few weeks and this rain is really making it difficult.

Mackenzie has eaten all the grass in her paddock so I set up a temporary pen using electric fencing in a neighboring campsite. I turn her out in that paddock for a few hours a day, which she thoroughly enjoys. The camp owner, Dave, is happy to have her “mow” for him.

I sometimes take her up to the main “lawn” at the entrance to camp to hand graze. We usually peek into the common room (People Paddock) to say hi to Byron while he’s working. He works remotely and has found the People Paddock area offers the best signal without having to commute to town. Camp is basically deserted during the week so there’s never anyone to interrupt him; until the other afternoon.

Mackenzie and I were on the lawn when it started to drizzle. I didn’t feel like getting wet so I opened the side door to the People Paddock and hid just inside until the drizzle passed. The next passing storm quickly escalated from drizzle to full-on downpour and I wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to get wet!

Mackenzie is no dummy. She made a bee-line for the shelter of the barn and waited out the storm patiently. She was very curious about the human things and spent her time sniffing the table, chairs, and items hanging from the walls. She would have happily clambered into the adjoining room with wood floor to check out the pool table if I’d let her.

Here’s hoping that the weather clears up and we can get out climbing this weekend!

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