Settling into a new lifestyle

We’ve spent the last week settling into our new lifestyle. Honestly, it feels more like a vacation because of the July 4th holiday and all the activity around camp. There were about a dozen horses and riders in the campground throughout the week.

Group trail ride through the NH mountains

Everyone was friendly and excited to participate in group trail rides and potluck suppers. Byron even joined us on the trail, although on his bicycle not a horse.

Byron and Larry discussing trail details
A hard earned summit for both Mackenzie and Byron, who bushwhacked and picked their way through rocks and deadfall to get there

Numerous friends from New Jersey came to Rumney for the long weekend. We joined them for rock climbing, swimming, hiking, and sightseeing.

Byron spotting Alicia while she leads a climb

The campground cleared out after the weekend. Now, we have the place to ourselves and it is very quiet. Mackenzie is adjusting to being alone again. She obviously misses her buddies that were kept in the neighboring campsites. I am keeping her occupied by riding regularly, taking her out for exercise on the longe line, and to hand graze.

Byron works remotely every day. His “commute” has improved now that we switched to Verizon. He walks up the hill to the camp’s communal hangout space (The People Paddock) where he has the strongest signal instead of driving to town each day.

Preparing for and executing this move took an immense amount of energy. It was incredibly stressful for me so I’m enjoying the downtime to rest and recuperate. Overall, we are happy. Life is good. We are enjoying discovering the area, setting up new routines and adjusting to our new reality.

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