The Plan for 2018

Jess and I are adopting a mobile/nomadic/gypsy lifestyle. When the whole world is available, how do we decide where to go?

We start with the activities we want to engage in regularly: horseback riding and rock climbing. Locations that accommodate both should obviously be high on the list of possibilities. Time to get organized. We create a custom map and add layers for rock climbing destinations, endurance horse races, and horse campgrounds. We quickly narrow in on New Hampshire and Maine for the Summer, Arizona for the Winter, and a path along the Appalachian Mountains and across Texas for the transition this Fall.

We have a pickup truck (Betty), 28 foot travel trailer (Rubble), and horse trailer (Boop). Relocating both trailers requires multiple trips with our single truck, so we want to minimize moving Rubble. We found a convenient campground near Rumney, NH, which will be home base for a few months. When it’s time to head out West, we will ship Rubble to Arizona. We will tow Boop and meander through the mid-Atlantic region, stopping often. We will plan the specific route and stops using Furkot.

If you want to meet up with us, plan a trip to Rumney in July or the second half of August (we’ll be in Maine for the first half). We will likely spend a couple of weeks at the Gunks in September, and roll back through New Jersey in early October.

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